The visionaries of Alif Trust established Alfeen in June 2002 in 14 acres of serene ambience near Kanjirapally. The Well planned infrastructure creates an open and safe environment to grow and excel physically and mentally.


Alfeen Public School would be an abode of excellence providing an environment for every student to reach their full potential in academic, creative, personal, physical, moral and spiritual spheres to lead a successful and productive life contributing positively to the global community.


Celebrate the difference of every child by caring for and nurturing their young minds and also fostering a positive relationship. Follow a personalized curriculum to equip the student with academic, social, ethical and cultural skills to be contributors to the global community. Provide opportunities to ensure that every student develops and displays leadership skills like self reliance, respect, humility and team word. Create an environment of excellence and competence for every individual ( students and teachers).